Due to the on going pandemic, education and work has migrated to online. People especially children don’t feel the current remote learning tools to be interactive and effective. A more gamified platform can make remote education fun and interesting. Thus, we decided to create a virtual classroom where students and teachers can walk, sit on their desired chairs, write on the white board, conduct quizzes and literally do all possible things that can happen inside a typical classroom. The idea revolves around gamification of online education to make it interactive and fun!

There are no effective ways to conduct or simulate lab classes online. Thanks to MathWorks, We implemented various lab activities and simulations for the students to try out.

We wanted students and teachers to stay connected even during these tough times through our immersive classroom. As students, we were able to understand our need for a better gamified platform and this inspired us to make

What it does

  • Walk around
  • Talk to each other
  • Sit
  • Listen to lectures through video conferencing
  • Use whiteboard
  • Send and take quizzes
  • Send smart feedback to lectures
  • Try virtual laboratories
  • Have fun

How I built it

We built it using three js for rendering the 3D models on a canvas. We used for socket connections. We used MATLAB, Judge API for the virtual labs. We finally deployed it to Google cloud and used a domain from We used Datastax as our database for storing the active sessions.

Challenges I ran into

  • Rendering models was hard but fun.
  • MATLAB was a bit hard at the start but thanks to the mentors for helping us out.
  • Using PeerJS for implementing video conferencing was challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • As students, we are proud of our efforts that we made for making a better way of online education.
  • We are also super proud of completing our plans in the given time.

What I learned

  • We learnt about three js and model rendering in the web.
  • We also learnt MATLAB (We had no idea what it was - thanks to the mentors for helping us out)

What's next for Virtual 3D Classroom - L3ARN

  • We will be trying to further add more environments. Like - coffee shops etc.,
  • We are working on reducing the network lag and latency.


We'd like to thank the mentors for helping us out throughout the hack by giving us incredible tips.

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