We were inspired by our group's passion to help underrepresented groups. Specifically, one of our team members recently had a conversation with someone who is on a wheel chair, and she spoke about her negative experiences at airports. This opened our eyes to the glaring need for change in this field.

This app is an immersive training platform that will allow public employees, or people who deal with others who have disabilities on a daily basis, to empathize with their needs. It will provide Virtual Reality experiences and story boards of real life situations, as well as follow up lessons on different types of disabilities/mental illnesses.

We used Google Sites to develop a working prototype in the form of a website. We added certain functionalities, such as being able to experience storylines of people with disabilities that would be experienced through Virtual reality on the actual app.

Besides spending the time to truly research and understand the issue, the biggest challenges we encountered was the limited time we had to build the platform we envisioned. Our vision for this is to have a working app, where people can access different immersive stories of people with disabilities. We would have planned to connect the app to Oculus for the virtual reality functions, while using Unity as the motor for gameplay.

We are proud that we persevered despite our tight schedules with classes to make this idea a reality. It was very difficult to all work together remotely, but we were able to collaborate effectively to finish this project and deliver a solid presentation (even if it meant staying up until 5am).

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