In the current scenario, to increase doctor’s services quality and productivity developing an online doctor consultation/appointment app or a web platform is the right solution.

An app or a digital platform presence sends a strong signal to the patients that you really care for them and their well-being – hence ready to avail the help of cutting-edge technology to treat them – virtually.

This digital solution will make healthcare simpler and more accessible for patients. Patients can choose a doctor without any hassle. This platform provides the chance to consult the doctor at the earliest. Get on a video call and post consulting, the prescription too.

Online Doctor Consulting makes doctor’s services accessible and available to their clients.

With more and more people having the need to seek medical attention, and in this time and age where everything and anything can be found on the internet, Online Doctor Consultation offers a new dimension to the healthcare industry.

What it does


-Set up appointments easily with a doctor anywhere across the globe. -Select from a wide range of doctors. -Hold a video conference on the application. -Get Digitalized prescriptions. -Add reviews and star ratings for -Get Notified instantly for prescriptions and appointments.


-Obtain an elementary result on malaria detection by just uploading the X-ray of cell images and then consult the doctor if required. -Listen to relaxing music with calming videos. -Use the BMI calculator which is an accurate indicator of health. -Interact with Healthy- ChatBot (AI Trained) -Healthy answers all your queries related to VirHealthCare. -It provides home remedies for headaches, etc.


Connecting to an authentic blood donation website, VirHealthCare connects the donors with the needy.


Stay Updated with recent articles on Health while accessing your account.


-Start a video call with a group -Video toggle (ON/OFF) -Audio toggle (MUTE/UNMUTE) -View Participants -Chat in video-call -Meeting messages can later be accessed within the group chat Screen-share -Collaborative Whiteboard -Draw on the whiteboard using touch/mouse -Whiteboard changes transmitted to an entire meeting in real-time -Change brush color or use the eraser on the whiteboard -Meeting Notes -Notes shared to an entire meeting on every keypress. -Make text Bold/Italic/Underline in Notes -Change font color and text alignment in notes -Download Notes as .txt file -Captions on speaking during the meeting -End meeting option Screenshots

How we built it

We built the application over a period of 2 days

FRONT END: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ejs. BACK END: Node.js, express.js,, mongoose, passport.js. DATABASE: MongoDB ## Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into

  1. Initially, we found it hard to decide the flow of our model, but as soon as we started building it, we were able to figure it out.
  2. We were integrating a flask model for the very first time, hence it was a great learning experience for us to learn it via participating in this hackathon.
  3. We were completely oblivious to the fact that how would we integrate a chatbot that too a trained one. So after exploring and trying out different models, we were able to finally make one and add it to our project.
  4. Most of our features take place in real-time and it was the first time we used to achieve this. Thus we learned about web sockets also.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are glad that we can include features such as an interactive chatbot, google health news, and the Self Examine tab incorporating the self-detection models. These features enhance the user experience.

What we learned

Apart from learning new technologies and frameworks while building the self examine tab, we also explored how we could enhance the user experience and thus integrated features such as a chatbot, health news to make the website look more authentic and user friendly.

What's next for VirHealthCare

The Self Examine tab could further be extended by adding more self-detection models. While VirHealthCare connects patients with doctors, hospitals could also be contacted by doctors and patients. Thus, adding another dimension to the website.

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