Our Inspiration:

  • The group wanted to use technologies we didn't previously know. We saw this as an opportunity to help an organization and acquire new knowledge in an excellent learning environment.

Problem Addressed by This App:

  • VCR wants teacher to teacher online forum that students can not access
  • Difficult to maintain server(full) platform such as phpBB
  • Difficult to maintain a curated knowledge base

Our Solution:

  • A Q&A Platform that automatically generates knowledge base
  • Teachers can post questions, can answer questions, and can upvote/downvote answers to create a "best of" knowledge base
  • A Q&A pair (Q:A) ranked highly enough will be automatically added to knowledgebase

The Value-Add:

  • No Maintenance Q&A Platform
  • Automatically generated knowledge base saves teachers time and allows for discovery of important information

Technologies Employed:

  • Amazon Cognito - User Auth
  • Amazon Lambda - Logic
  • DynamoDB - Data Storage
  • Amazon Aurora (planned) - File Storage
  • S3 (planned) - Static Deployment

Social Impact and Value:

  • Connects teachers and builds community
  • Enables teachers to provide students a quality cybersecurity education
  • Makes jobs of curriculum developers easier


  • No existing Q&A forum automatically creates knowledge base


  • Entire group was unfamiliar with serverless technology
  • Unfamiliar with cloud in general
  • Unfamiliar with noSQL
  • Coming up with novel and useful concept


  • Proof of Concept of useful platform
  • Learned new technologies
  • Created a solution to problem posed
  • Created a novel addition to Q&A platform (will make lives of stakeholders easier)

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