Desire to facilitate effective disaster response in near real time and provide awareness between government agencies.

What it does

The application allows users to dynamically add geospatial information to be shared amongst users. A novel feature would allow the user to continue to add points without cellular signal and would send updated data to central server when network connectivity is available. The application would have two user modes, one for ems personnel and another for general users to tailor effective geospatial information access.

How we built it

Using freely available SDK and datasets we designed a android mobile app to take advantage of crowd sourcing. The android sdk was used to develop the application along with the mapbox sdk and provided datasets.

Challenges we ran into

For the scope of the project we wished to develop time was the largest constraint.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to demo the core concept of our application even without having it fully implemented. In addition to the immediate deliverables we are excited to pursue further development of this application at a later date.

What we learned

We learned that android application development was more convoluted than we initially thought.

What's next for Virgil

We would like to complete the back end functionality to centralize the data and provide consistent data to users throughout the entirety of the disaster response and after the disaster to facilitate later analysis of the event. In addition we would like to implement functionality to cater presented data more effectively to specific types of responders as well as maintain an active record of personnel location and status.

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