# Problem Statement

In a short duration of 4 months, the number of Corona-virus cases reached 1,925,877 and still increasing day by day. It is a pandemic of respiratory disease spreading from person- to-person caused by a novel corona-virus.

“As of 6 February 2017, a total of to 19217 hospitals and health-care facilities in 177 countries.”

“Available statistics show that over 30% of WHO Member States report to have less than 10 medical doctors per 10000 population.”

“Available statistics show that over 45% of WHO member states report having less than 1 physician per 1000 population.”

Even the world's largest democracy India only has 7,39,024 beds in 37,725 facilities and has 1 doctor for every 1457 citizens.

This stats clearly shows that the world does not have the necessary infrastructure and resources to tackle this pandemic.

Covid-19 pandemic requires technology-driven solutions for population screening, tracking the infection, prioritizing the use and allocation of resources,& designing targeted responses.

There is no way for countries to perform screening on all citizens as most of the countries do not have infrastructure and resources to do so. There are no solutions available for the identification and monitoring of the disease symptoms generation pattern.

We need solutions that can be utilized for a population of 7.8 billion. We need solutions that can monitor the health status of the entire country, trigger alerts for pandemic and help countries to utilize available resources in more precises way.

# Solution:

Vitality is a social accountability application that requires contribution from citizens and government officials. Using the vitality mobile applications citizens can register themselves and provides update related to their health daily, generate a request for necessary supplies, get latest updates from government officials.

Using the admin portal government officials can keep track of the user's health, identify the citizens having the highest probability of being a corona inflect person, provides necessary helps to the needy ones.

# Vitality Mobile Application:

  • Using the Vitality mobile applications citizens can register themselves
  • Provides update related to their health status to the government officials
  • Monitor their health status and progress
  • Perform self-assessment tests and get reports
  • Generate a request for necessary supplies and provide help to the needy ones
  • Get latest updates published by government officials
  • Check the inflected areas using the map
  • Maintain the social distance while moving out

# Vitality Admin Portal:

  • Using the admin portal government officials can keep track of the citizen’s health
  • Identify the citizens having the highest probability of being inflected person
  • Monitor and predict the pandemic outbreak
  • Provides the necessary help and support to the needy ones
  • Monitor the inflected citizens' progress
  • Notify the citizens for necessary measures and precautions.

# Outcome

  • The proposed solution will help the governments to utilize the available resources more efficiently.
  • Identification and prediction of pandemic diseases will improve.
  • The government will be able to monitor the citizens health in a much-planned way and provide necessary help timely.
  • Citizens will be able to monitor their health and perform their social responsibilities by helping the needy ones

# Learnings:

We leaned a new set of technologies for the creation of this application. We have learned flutter, nest.js, typescript and time management during this time.

What's next for Vitality: Your Social Accountability App

  • AI based Bots to perform a self-assessment test of the user
  • Option to chat with other users
  • Option to share experience during the lock-down
  • Creation of AI engine to predict the probability of inflection
  • Option to track the inflected person using the admin portal
  • Integration of blockchain for record keeping
  • Marketplace for medical supplies

Check Out The Progress Vitality App Vitality Portal

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