The inspiration is that I will be able to work with MLH at Local Hack Day Build because this is my first ever hackathon. so I am very excited to be part of the MLH Community and work on Open Source Development.

What it does

This project is built with the Github Pages and it will reach more users if we host it with the Github Pages and the thing is that the Github Pages can Only accept Static Website. This Project can display your information from education to your work experience and also your Some of the Best Projects You have ever Made on Github and Hosted on the Github Pages.

How we built it

We built This project is built using the scss, HTML, and Ruby language and It is an MLH-Fellowship Portfolio template and I Modify it using my Information and I also Executed that Project on my local Machine using ruby bundler and I also changed the Profile Pic and added My Profile pic.

Challenge we ran into

Challenges I faced that Firstly I don't know how to start then I watched the video regarding how to set up GitHub pages of MLH on Twitch tv then I visited the Portfolio Template of MLH on Github then I Used this template and modified it according to my specifications. At the last I also don't know how to host this project on the GitHub Pages then I again Watched the twitched of MLH and I hosted My Github Pages.

Built With

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