Much of the media is centralized, meaning organizations and governments can control what we see in the news. We wanted a way for people to share news without a central authority censoring parts of it. We were most inspired by the recent mass censorship of Hong Kong protests by the Chinese government.

What it does

ViralChain allows everyday users to upload relevant news to a decentralized storage system, where it cannot be censored or taken down. Users can subscribe to other users to see posts on their feed.

To combat fake news and spam, ViralChain uses an upvote/downvote system so that the user base can filter out bad content (as opposed to a central authority). The app uses BlockStack, a decentralized authentication system, which prevents user data from breached - making it less likely for users to get hacked. It also prevents users from being able to generate an unlimited amount of bots.

What's next for ViralChain

We plan to work with a marketing team to gain as many users and writers as we can.

In terms of features, we want a more convenient way for users to discover and follow many authors at once. As such, we plan to allow users to create channels that feature multiple authors; users who subscribe to such channels will be subscribed to every author in that channel. Another feature we plan to implement is a reward system for writers who receive upvotes, which will gamify the news writing process.

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