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Online petitions maybe easy to sign, but getting people to sign is a different problem. We want to enable those social media influencers to become environmental activists.

What it does

While petition platform isn't really new, we build values around the petition platform. We track down those social media influencers who are passionate about environment, and use that influence to virally spread petitions. Once those petitions are signed we provide additional insight such as age and location so it can be further used to create a better environment through policy makers. We heat map the signatures so that policy makers can see their constituents.

How we built it

We use docusign for electronic signatures, we use google app engine to host our site.

Challenges we ran into

There are many petition apps, our challenge to add value

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got the app done

What we learned

Policy makers need electronic or real signature for petition, so online platforms like simply isn't legally binding.

What's next for Viral Petition

Release it into the real world.

Built With

  • node.js-google-app-engine
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