Our team is always curious and truly believe in making learning fun and action packed. We really wanted to try our hand in First Person Shooters and 3D game design, and figured it would be fun to create a game where there is an incentive to know about Computer Science and Information Security.

What it does

This is a First Shooter that tests Gamers on everything from Caesar Ciphers to Java code and rewards them(or punishes them) in game, based on the correctness of their actions.

How we built it

some blood, too much sweat and a few tears, but mostly the unity game engine and c# scripts

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a ton of challenges, we've never used unity, we've never worked in 3D, and we hit a wall at about hour 19

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did pretty well at learning a new programming language(c#), learning a new engine, and we did very well at working as a team and we are actually very proud of that..

What we learned

We can get a lot more done in 24 hours than we thought. We learned a ton of technical aspects of Game Design and developed our skills and interests in the field.

What's next for Viral Defender

Our first big goal for Viral Defender is to make it multiplayer through the use of computer networking, this will allow us to play with or against each other.From there, we will most definitely be improving it wherever and whenever we can.

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