PCOS(Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a hormonal & metabolic disorder affecting 1 out of every 5 women of reproductive age (16-40) in India and 116 million women worldwide. It's listed among the most common diseases you haven't heard of due to the social stigma associated with it. Education and awareness about PCOS cure is a crucial problem to be solved along with no reach to the right expertise and support for PCOS, also the misconceptions that follow in PCOS. One of our team members, who herself went through PCOS and reversed it successfully stands as an advocate for PCOS Education. Through our social health-tech initiative PCOS Virago we aim to educate women with PCOS, emotionally and morally support scared/helpless teenagers & women with PCOS, diagnosis for PCOS & help with mental health issues for women with PCOS. There isn't any application/service which caters to the need of women with PCOS and hence in this hackathon, we started developing the first-ever app for women with PCOS. We believe through this we will be able to support women with PCOS, give them access to PCOS related services, use technology to leverage innovative features, change people's lives, and create a social impact!

What it does

We listed the common problems faced by women with PCOS and came up with 8 innovative features to how technology can help women with PCOS!

It's an all in one app which helps women to perform a basic PCOS diagnosis (detects whether you have PCOS), know the type of PCOS (advanced quiz based on the dataset), enroll themselves in the PCOS Lifestyle Programs with the PCOS health experts team, join support groups like PCOS Virago Community for emotional and moral support for mental health issues with PCOS, track daily lifestyle & fitness changes. It also includes features like health insights (blogs, podcasts, videos, courses) for PCOS & fertility education, period tracker and ovulation calendar as well as a PCOS Chatbot for assisting with basic info.

How we built it

  • Once the user registers on our app, we lead her to the 4-item questionnaire for use in the diagnosis of PCOS; the questionnaire yielded a sensitivity of 85% and a specificity of 85% on multivariate logistic regression and a sensitivity of 77% and a specificity of 94% developed by referring to

  • It later asks for advanced user details which will help in finding the type of PCOS the user is suffering from (stress-induced, obese PCOS, thyroid PCOS, etc) using dataset.

  • The app includes a PCOS health assistant for educating users about the basic info and misconceptions of PCOS wherein we trained the chatbot using Dialogflow and integrated it with Flutter.

  • We prepared a community chat group using Flutter and Cloud Firestore for supporting women with PCOS

  • The health insights sections include access to resources like blogs, podcasts, and videos for PCOS education wherein we linked it to the blogs present on the PCOS Virago website written by PCOS health experts

  • We plan to implement the period tracker and ovulation calendar using API's, fitness tools using fitness API like Google Fit, and an interface to connect to PCOS experts and reversal programs.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing the questionnaire to give the most accurate results for the PCOS diagnosis quiz, obtaining a good dataset for the type of PCOS quiz. But we are glad we could make through them (lost a few hours of sleep though!)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We could implement the PCOS diagnosis quiz finally! We also found the dataset and analyzed it to develop a type of PCOS quiz later on. We finished 4 out of the 8 features planned in the last 2 days, which itself was a milestone given that we working on something that doesn't exist and we had to do everything from scratch - that too remotely!

What we learned

Logic implementation for the PCOS diagnosis quiz, analyzing the dataset for the type of PCOS quiz, integrating Dialogflow, language model, and training it with PCOS data, flutter state management. Also, that passion and hard work can solve problems for the world!

What's next for Virago_Code

Implementing the remaining 4 features( although the logic and technology stack has been thought well over by us) and making it scalable enough for users to access this wonderful app.

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