Virtual queues have the potential to change the world, especially during times like these. However, all the virtual queues in existence require monthly fees, making them unaffordable or are impractical, and unintuitive. We want to make virtual queues widespread, intuitive and practical through Viqueue. Viqueue does so by being free and opensource!

What it does

Viqueue is a virtual queue platform. Store owners can create queues for free and have people easily accessible. Unlike other virtual queues, Viqueue is free and a pleasant experience for users to use. A user can join a queue by texting a queue id to a phone number which sends them a link to a web page displaying them all the essential information they need and allowing them to cancel their queue position. When it is a user's time to enter the store, they receive an SMS notifying them! The store owner can see all the critical information they need via the queue dashboard, such as how many people are waiting in the queue and how many people are in the store at the moment. When a customer enters or leaves, all the store owner has to do is tap one button and nothing else, to register that a customer has entered or left. Viqueue makes virtual queues accessible to all businesses and makes the user experience a pleasant one, unlike previous virtual queues.

How we built it

  • We built a Python Flask API to handle all the data (Notably we do not keep user data, we register their phone number when they sign up for a queue and delete it once they leave the queue)
  • The queue page for users was built in Next.js
  • The queue Dashboard for store owners was built in javascript using react ## Challenges we ran into On Saturday, one of our teammates was tested positive for covid-19, this not only hit us emotionally but significantly slowed down our progress. We later on struggled with issues with the API which took quite a while to solve. After solving the API issues we ran into our biggest challenge where the twilio API would not work. We eventually found a solution but it cost us a lot of time. One of our most significant challenges was due to our timezones. We are located in Singapore, the United States, Lithuania, Greece, and India. This makes communication and collaboration very difficult as frequently we are asleep while the others are not, or we can not simply hop into a call to plan things out. We overcame this challenge but it definitely impacted the quality of our project. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of We are all proud of this project, it took us very long and we struggled together through all the hurdles blocking our way. ## What we learned
  • Marius: Learned how to create Python Flask API's and a lot about how API's work
  • Aaryan: Next.js + React
  • Joseph: Next.js
  • Sam: Idk, it's 4 am for him, I can't ask him now?
  • Charalampos, Got covid on Saturday, so couldn't participate... ## What's next for Viqueue We do not know, we like the project a lot, however, we have yet to determine what is next. If we decide to continue work on it, here are some priorities: improving the api as well as the api docs, improving the dashboard.

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