Inspiration: Being first-generation I know how it feels having to figure everything out and not always finding your support network. We wanted to create this web app for other Latinx/minority college students who just don't know what's out there and how they can really excel in a career. We hope to increase diversity in STEM by creating a safe place and an all-inclusive tool for minorities to use when wanting to learn about their career.

What it does: Helps give a crash course of things that one can do to better prepare and become a competitive candidate for a career by having articles, skills, certification suggestions, and more. While also giving insights on the company and industry the person is interested in so that they can make a more educated guess on where they want to apply. The user takes a quiz to determine what career they could possibly like the most based on their personality, skills, preferences, etc. Then we want to show them how to best get there and the different options they have.

How I built it: I used an Angular bootstrap to create the frontend of the web app on VSC. I made changes using HTML and CSS.

Challenges I ran into: How to input the data and try to delete/work around things that were already in the bootstrap.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: This was a team idea, but I ended up doing the project alone and I'm proud of myself for sticking to it. I also learned a new skill of using Angular dashboards.

What I learned: I learned a couple more skills on how to use GitHub & an Angular bootstrap.

What's next for VIP | Very Important Professional Webapp: We want to apply it for all industries and majors for students from all STEM disciplines to get a better idea of what types of careers are out there.

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