Bikes get stolen at USC all the time. The proper method for locking a bike involves a chain, but that is very tedious to carry around. So only certain parts of your bike are secured and the rest is prone to theft. Additionally, no one cares to register their bikes with campus security. Current bike racks on campus are unstandardized, bulky, and difficult to use.

What it does

We developed a smart bike rack that requires a student ID to lock and unlock, obviating the registration requirement and making it much easier to lock your bike safely. It uses an extendable chain that protrudes from a pole, goes through the bike, and locks back into the pole. If the chain is broken, campus security is alerted. We also built a cloud-enabled platform that tracks the status of all the locks on campus and lets students access their bike locks remotely as well as check availability beforehand.

How we built it

We 3D-printed a frame and built the locking circuitry within. We used an Adafruit Feather, a magnetic Reed switch, and a few other peripherals to emulate the ID-enabled locking mechanism. Its modular size allows for flexible placement to adapt to popular demand.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't have enough time to build the comprehensive platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully implemented a proof of concept.

What we learned

How to interface with the Feather over Bluetooth and use a database to populate a map on a web app.

What's next for vioturbé

Mass production, patents, and venture capital.

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