One of the team members, Rachel, works in biotech, specifically in the immuno-oncology sector. Recently her company has been hosting a lot of patient advocacy events in order to promote awareness regarding specific cancers and the patient experience. This past week, someone from the NOCC came to speak about ovarian cancer, and informed the company that most ovarian cancers are diagnosed at Stage 3 and Stage 4, which are late stages. At this point, the cancer has become very aggressive and oftentimes patients have to hear the unfortunate news that there are very few options left in terms of treatment. These cancers tend to be most common in women ages 40 and older, and we understand that people’s lives are busy, as they have work life, home life, potentially kids and countless more responsibilities to get to. However, we also do know that the best way to prevent last stage cancer diagnosis is to have regular checkups and screening tests, as well as have an overall awareness regarding the issue. Reproductive cancers are not a rare disease by any means—so many of us must know at least one person who has suffered through any of these diseases.

As a result, we wanted to develop a platform that could bring healthcare to the people. We know that the hustle and bustle of everyday life often causes people to forget to take care of themselves. People might forget to go to their yearly checkups. Maybe they aren’t even aware that they need to go get a mammogram when they turn forty. So we developed Repro, a healthcare advocate for women, which helps keep track of all these things for women, freeing up their capacity to take care of their other needs. Repro will remind you when you need to book a mammogram or a pap smear, and will coordinate with your google/work calendar to find a slot that works with you as well as your doctor. No phone calls to the receptionist, no long waits, no frustrations. It’s an easy process that lowers the frustration that is typically found with booking appointments so that you can get the healthcare you need, stress-free.

Repro also provides facts regarding the different reproductive cancers, informing its users of the various risk factors as well as potential early stage symptoms. Through this, the platform encourages people to be more self-aware regarding their own bodies and health, empowering them and giving opportunities for a more thriving life.

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