Sitting in a coffee shop before the event, someone was talking about how difficult it is to raise money from angel investors. How do you find angels? How do you know who is likely to invest? And how do you keep track of who you are raising from?

What it does

Violet Hill is an automated way to find and reach out to potential investors. Violet Hill scraped a variety of data sources to find random people, estimate their wealth (ability to invest) and relation with the industry you are in. With a click of a button, Violet Hill can then reach out to those people and keep track of all responses you receive.

How we built it

The scraping was done using a combination of python, node.js, and python bindings with selenium. The main website was built in JavaScript and the backend of the website was built in node.js.

Challenges we ran into

Scraping a lot of websites is super hard––namely because they don't exactly want you to do it. Scraping WhitePages and LinkedIn in particular was not a pleasant experience, but it ended up working out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got a lot of data for 36 hours. Definitely still more to go though.

What's next for Violet Hill

Data is everything. We need to get more people and more variables about people.

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