Want to relive the experience of watching entrancing visuals while listening to music? Here’s an app that would let you do that on your smartphone, allowing you to pass time on your phone without giving in to the attention economy. You can now visualize in frequency space, like many of us dream of doing, songs while not losing sight of what is right in front of you. This thoughtfully designed app is made to be simple and limited in functionality; in fact, you can’t even play your own music, and are humbled with five preset audio files to choose from. Additionally, these files are stored in .wav format, an uncompressed file format, so that they take up the most space and prevent you from installing other crappy apps. To optimize the aesthetic appeal of these visualizations, the Fourier amplitudes of these songs are processed to be normalized and smoothened out. Then, these amplitudes are represented by various visualizations, giving you an intuitive image of how the music you are listening to corresponds to in frequency space.


As young kids, we were mesmerized by a deeply entrancing media visualization tool. To this day, that image has stuck with us, and it has been the vision of this project to surpass it. We can proudly say that we have probably marginally come close to matching it.

What it does

Using your smartphone’s camera, it shows visualizations of audio you are listening to in augmented reality. This way, you can have a more intuitive understanding of the music you are listening to.

How we built it

We used Unreal Engine, together with Android plug ins to build the app.

Challenges we ran into

Not having enough sleep depleting our sanity. Also, working using Unreal Engine with Android plug-ins made us susceptible to a bug that prevented us from using the phone’s microphone.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We managed to clean up the Fourier coefficients from the audio signal and make it into a aesthetically pleasing visualization while maintaining accuracy of the frequency representation of the audio file.

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