Many clothes are going to waste in long term storage, while there is an opportunity for re-use in the vintage clothing market, an 18 billion USD market worldwide. Introducing viniKURA; a business model for your store to buy vintage clothing from minikura warehouses for resale.

With the help of on-site appraisers at minikura warehouses, clothing is measured for quality and suitability for your personal store brand, before being shipped directly to your store.

Upon arrival, using our viniKURA appraisal tool you may scan the delivered boxes to see the contents inside. The list of items is complete with images and tags obtained from image-recognition software (work in progress). With this, your staff can easily search the list of incoming products and decide on a sale-price for the items they want for resale. Any items you decide not to buy can be returned free of charge, so there is no risk!

Once you have chosen your items, a percentage of the sale-price will be given to the original owner, and the item is free to be displayed in your store for sale.

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