## Inspiration

For the past 7 years, I have been managing a team that stretched from Miami to India, Pakistan, Jamaica, and the Philippines. As a former SharePoint consulting and remote worker for over 12 years, I struggled to manage my day and enforcing a consistent routine across my team.

Some of my struggles were:

  • Providing inspiration to each team member at the start of each workday
  • Enforcing the discipline of starting the workday with a plan while simplifying the planning process.
  • Having a single view of my day - meetings, scheduled breaks, tasks, flagged email, etc.
  • Seeing what my team was planning to work on without daily stand-ups or check-in meetings
  • Monitoring team morale and availability across multiple time zones
  • Simplify managing and aligning goals to work being performed by me and my team
  • Helping team members feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day
  • Having a clear accomplishment history for each team member that aligned with progress made on projects or goals without the need for them to write a report

## What it does

Vineforce is a complete toolkit for successful remote teamwork:

  • Check-Ins - Routines to get you energized for work and helps teams plan a balanced, goal-focused agenda by automatically aggregating their work from To Do's, planner, OneNote, OneDrive Outlook, and more.
  • Agenda – A road map of your day – meetings, scheduled breaks, tasks, flagged emails in a single view.
  • Activities – Monitor team morale, availability, and what they plan to work on each day across multiple time zones.
  • Goals – a simple progress tracking framework that seamlessly integrates into your team’s daily routine.
  • Check Outs - End of day routines to help remote teams feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.
  • Automations – pre-built templates to automate your workflows with Power automate and Vineforce.

## How I built it

Vineforce is built using Angular, .Net, Azure (SQL, functions, etc.)

## Challenges I ran into

  1. Managing check-ins across multiple time zones and show it in a simple way
  2. Creating a solution for team members who did not check-out at the end of the workday
  3. Harmonizing Microsoft Teams user presence with actual availability

## Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Simplicity of our app
  2. How it works in harmony with other M365 features
  3. How efficient it has made us internally

## What I learned

  1. It's best to build products you actually use becuase its easier to test and you have a unique vantage point
  2. Break features down as small as possible so you can get a since of accomplishment early and see the value of each feature
  3. Focus is key to creating great products, strive to remove distractions
  4. Simplifying your internal processes helps you move faster

## What's next for Vineforce

We hope to become the #1 tool that empowers Microsoft 365 subscribers to feel.

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