We believe in making the City of Houston safer for everyone, including you! Our project, Vincent, allows you and police officers to see a forecast, similar to a weather forecast, of the most likely crimes to happen within regions of Houston for the following week. It allows you to determine what crimes are the most probable in regions of Houston which you may reside or wish to visit. It also allows the Houston Police Department to allocate manpower to regions of Houston where it matters, beforehand, so they're ready to respond when the incidence is reported.

Our main challenges on the website were building the geographic subsections of Houston. There’s over 70 polygons of complex shapes we had to hand trace.

On the artificial intelligence side we had to deal with dirty data, ill-fitting models, and long computation times. Over time we learned to resolve these issues and succeeded by coming to a quick working pace with predictions with a relatively high accuracy.

We stayed up the entire hackathon and coded away with only 4 ½ hours of sleep divided amongst the 3 of us. During the process of building the AI (artificial intelligence) we were hitting many dead ends and bugs in our code. For a time it was uncertain whether we would pull through in time. However, we clearly did and came up with impressive and easy to display results.

We learned how to effectively divide this difficult and large project into chunks and communicate what needed to be done and by whom. We also furthered our grasp of the web and AI technologies that our project depended on. We would like to make our website public to aid both the Houston Police Department and the citizens of Houston.

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