Being an avid traveller myself and traveling to around 50 countries, I have experienced how airports of major cities work. A major problem that I faced was that it was so crowded that I cannot find my way through the airport. This idea was born out of this problem.

What it does

It is an AI bot which asks about your route and then updates you about the directions to your boarding gate. You can also ask any questions you want about the airport and the AI acts as a companion during the trip, You can use the bot to get information about delays in the flight, changes with the boarding gates and also more information about food and duty free.

How I built it

I used as it is a better tool for conversational AI and using this approach to solve the problem will be a better idea.

Challenges I ran into

The workflow of the AI was a challenge as I had to make the AI understand what the user will say and it is unexpected for us what and how the user will approach the AI.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The bot can understand between different cities and also tell the user if it needs more information. The AI can distinguish between different airlines and airports.

What I learned

What I learned was how we can train the AI in such a way that we can use it for other purposes such as making it understand that different airlines can go to the same airport.

What's next for Vimana Sahai

To work on more features for the app.

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