One of our team member's siblings lives in a part of California with high crime rates. We thought of this project with her safety and the safety of others just like her in mind. In a world dominated by social media, we believe that the best way to protect others is through the apps that the world uses the most.

What it does

VILLINTEL analyzes recent data from posts, searching for keywords and hashtags that indicate a level of danger, such as: 'crime', 'theft', 'assault', and more. By keeping count of instances where keywords are being posted on social media and recording the location of the posts, we can keep track of crime levels within a ten-mile radius of an individual's location. Data from thirty days prior is used to compare the current day data. If the crime postings of a certain day exceed the average of the past thirty days, users can be alerted to the situation.

How I built it

We used Java and the Twitter API to create a class for our web app that could process data and return the danger levels of a particular day and within a particular location. We also used Mapbox to keep track of crime occurrences within a certain radius. All of this was then put together using TJ's Director management system to create a cohesive website.

Challenges I ran into

We had limited knowledge of Twitter's API, which was in itself limited, and much of the coding process was spent learning specifics of each method. We also had no knowledge of HTML and had to learn that within the coding time. Because of our limited knowledge, we were unable to successfully merge HTML commands with Java input. The Mapbox language was also JavaScript, which we also had no prior knowledge of.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to make use of what little knowledge we had of other languages and create a mostly cohesive end result.

What I learned

We learned more about HTML, JavaScript, and the Twitter API.

What's next for VILLINTEL

We hope to be able to merge all aspects of our program: the website, the backend coding, and the map. We also hope to include more forms of social media, such as Instagram and Facebook.

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