Village Banking is a phenomenon that is getting really popular in my country, more and more people are using it. Most small village banking groups keep track of their finances in whatsapp messages or by one person. What is village banking you ask?

Village banking is a microcredit methodology whereby financial services are administered locally rather than centralized in a formal bank. Village banking has its roots in ancient cultures and was most recently adopted for use by micro-finance institutions (MFIs) as a way to control costs. Definition from wikipedia

What it does

Village Banking Quickbase app allows tracking of deposits and loans in a village banking group. It allows an admin to add villagers, add deposits made by villagers and loans that villagers make. It allows villagers(users) to see reports on their savings, loans and other various reports .

How I built it

Built with quickbase applications and automations.

Challenges I ran into

Initially figuring out how I could do formulas to automatically calculate a totals balance and using a low/no code tool in general. I'm very prone to trying to solve problems with code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A working Quickbase application!!

What I learned

I learned how to build a quickbase application, make reports and make notifications

What's next for Village Banking

  • Adding a few pages to have the rules of the group
  • Adding more notifications for other actions, such as loans taken
  • Adding more features such as not allowing a loan if the amount is more than the current balance of the group

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