Made with love by Kayla Cinnamon and Candice Poon for HackRPI2017

In a time of an emergency, it truly takes a village. When a community is hit with hardship such as natural disaster, etc the generosity of people truly emerge. For example, during the Ariana Grande Concert Shooting, people were offering their homes as shelter on Twitter and during a major blizzard in my hometown, neighbors were offering their homes with power on Facebook and that’s how I was able to submit my college applications

We are creating a web application called Village, that centralizes this information and provides streamlined communication between those that can offer help and those who need it.

As someone who can offer help, you can create a profile that states what you can offer, such as electricity, heat, food, clean water, and shelter. Those in need can filter based on their geolocation and then request for your help. This request is then reviewed by the provider, and then approved which sends the provider’s address as well as the opportunity to “tip”. A monetary tip would go directly to the host while a portion of it goes towards our company. We’d use these funds to maintain the application and pay our employees. Once we are financially stable, we’ll donate the rest of our profits to foundations such as The Red Cross.

Using technology, the power of the village can help those in need.

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