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Hello. Here is my brief idea of features, sorted according to the MoSCoW method.


  • 30 s hand wash timer (it's simple and it addresses the action that quickly became a symbol of Anti-SARS-CoV-2 fight). When the timer is activated, the app shows an infographic like,
  • notifications about sanitizing the devices (like smartphone, PC, computer mouse),
  • a TODO list appearing before the user/player leaves home (reminders about mask, gloves, keeping distance etc.). It should be eventually integrated with map/GPS module (probably after the hackathon),
  • a basic advice depending on the age and elementary health data (pre-existing conditions) of the user/player and the age and elementary health data of people he or she lives with. For example, young people who live alone or with their spouses are encouraged to engage in a voluntary service. Elderly people are encouraged to find someone who will do shopping for them.
  • a possibility to receive notifications about shopping done for user/player by someone else,
  • periodical notifications with a selection of some indoor physical activities (for example a choice between 20 push-ups and 15 squats), points awarded for taking one of them,


  • notifications about sanitizing objects like door knobs etc.,
  • a cloud-hosted "Hall of Fame"- a list of players who have received the highest amounts of points,
  • an integration with a bucket list app- the user/player gains points for planning his or her shopping carefully so that he or she wouldn't go shopping often. The bucket list app should enable sharing the lists and sending them to another people, so that the Vanish Vicious Covid Game could award its user/player points for organising neighbour help in shopping (instead of many people going out, one person does shopping for himself or herself and for his or her neighbours or friends, leaving the goods next to the door and getting the money back by bank transfer)


  • an integration with a GPS/map module. Home marked on the map. A notification on leaving home (it won't be very precise, yet it could make the TODO list appear automatically and the points for staying at home could be counted in a bit more credible way)


  • an integration with a "refrigerator app" containing data about the food and food ingredients currently owned by user/player. A "refrigerator app" should have a functionality of searching the Internet for recipes with selected ingredients.

Some modules of the Vanish Vicious Covid Game may and should be reused in a nutrition app suite.

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