Back then when we wanted to take one of our department course called CSE 401, the lecturer incharge had not been coming to class which made the course a bit difficult for us and our exams was in 4 days time, so we got one of our seniors who had the past questions and answers of more than 4 years before, four of us went to meet him to collect the past questions and our major challenge was sending the questions to over 400 students at once ,that made us create a mini educational platform as a means to reach out to people in which all they could do was just go there to register and start answering the the questions we encoded along with the correct answers

What it does

solonline is a an educational platform that allows students to upload questions and answers so that other students can practice the questions , take cbt tests from the questions, form a group discussion and give feedback

How we built it

we built it using stacks like laravel, html,css, javascript, jquery, figma, illustrator,mysql php and wolfram technologies

Challenges we ran into

the major challenge we ran into was fixing a lot of errors and bugs whenever we pulled data from the database or accessing the CBT platform

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Am super exited about the fact that the students that got to test run the website gave their honest feedback on it and also they made us understand other problems that they are facing.

What we learned

Team Sol learned a lot but most especially we all learnt from our mistakes and got to learn one new thing.

What's next for Sol

conduct more research to seek out ways by which we can improve the user experience and designs, ** making solonline a software that can be used by primary and secondary schools so as to prepare their students for their upcoming exams.** ** making it a tool available for different universities in Nigeria so that students can use it to upload questions and answers for other students to benefit from it **

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