In a period of deep contemplation as to what our hack should be, we decided to do something with real social impact - and what had more social impact in the 21st century than Nintendo's hit family game Wii Sports Tennis? We took it upon ourselves to breathe new life into this classic and to CONNECT as many people as possible to this joyful experience, in an effort as HUMANITARIAN as it is REVOLUTIONARY.

What it does

Our project is a local game that you and your friends can connect to through wEbsoCkeTs, using our app which turns your smartphone into a motion controller. The websocket server communicates with a GoLang backend to receive motion data from the smartphones to detect soft or hard swings.

Just hold the phone in your hand and swing it as the ball approaches you on the breathtakingly lifelike tennis court.

How we built it

The critical components of our infrastructure sit on Microsoft Azure. The websocket server is deployed as a static binary on a container instance that pulls from an Azure Container Registry.

The app processes accelerometer data from the phone and provides haptic feedback on "hit". It then reports these hits to the aforementioned websocket server.

We created all but one of our sprites and animations for Unity on the day - we even recorded the sound effects ourselves in a couple of minutes outside.

If you were in the right place at the right time, you could have heard us practicing the perfect tennis grunts in the courtyard at 2:30am.

Challenges we ran into

  1. WebSocket simply not working when compiling Unity with WebGL
  2. Trajectory prediction with Unity
  3. Animating 2D sprites in a 3D space

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Functioning game that we enjoy playing
  2. Mobile app pending Play Store review
  3. Working backend deployed on Azure
  4. Steven's professional grunting

What we learned

  1. How to cope with failure

What's next for Vigorous Wrist Exercise Simulator

Perhaps deploying to a website and monetising for self sufficiency to allow anyone with two smartphones and a computer (with a modern browser) the opportunity to play this timeless tennis game

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