Viewsic is a music powered VR experience. This can be anything from classic orchestral, to the latest pop songs, to tribal rhythms. Viewsic will guide the player through a unique VR music visualization with effect small and large with animations and scale in VR to match.

Controls: Simply look with your head.

Mechanics: Music visualization with graphical events synced up to music. Giant Robots stop, birds fly by, flowers blooms, androids dance, rockets take off, and rain falls all to music.

Innovation: This is not like any other visualizer I have ever seen, and of course never seen anything like this in VR. Viewsic goes further to more a real-time VR interpretation of the music playing. Events are synced with the music evens. Prime example is rain falls and hits the ground to notes in time. Robots raise a leg and stop on heavy beats or sounds, flowers bloom, and many more. See the video as that is the best way to see how different Viewsic really is. And you can also import your own music.

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