Inspiration - We wanted to do something that would benefit ISU, we figured helping prospective students would be a start!

What it does - ViewISU uses your phone's GPS to take you around campus where you'll earn points for visiting landmarks and notable spots of ISU. You can then head over to the MU and claim your free prize if you get all 150 points!

How we built it - We used Android Studio and Java to create the app. The main API we used is call FireBase, a database API. Within FireBase we used a plugin called GeoFire so that we could utilize the user's phone's GPS to a much greater extent.

Challenges we ran into - The biggest challenge we ran into as figuring out how to compare the distance to a certain marker from the user, it caused us to be stumped for a solid 3 hours before having a breakthtough and finally making some progress again.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We are all just proud to have finished the app to an extent, none of us had ever worked with Android at all so this was a whole new ballgame.

What we learned - I'd say the biggest thing we learned was just the basics of making an Android app, and how helpful reading API documentation can be!

What's next for ViewISU - We are hoping to keep working on ViewISU and perfecting it, with the end goal of showing it to the University to possibly put it into use for prospective students!

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