As a viewer of Minecraft streams, I’ve always wanted to be able to participate in a fun and meaningful way in the creative process of shaping a world with the community!

What it does

Viewercraft allows the audience of a Minecraft stream to gather resources and build a community world directly on stream. Every community world lives for a week than its archived and a new one is created. With the help of a Java mod any community world can be spawned inside Minecraft so that the streamer can explore and engage his audience in a new way. Imagine the possibilities!

How I built it

For the extension Front-end, I used Vue.js which connects to a stateless Node.js Back-end with a MongoDB alongside it, all running in the AWS cloud, ready for vertical and horizontal scaling. A custom Java mod can be installed on any Minecraft server that can sync and spawn the community world inside it.

Challenges I ran into

Unfortunately, I joined the DevJam with only a week left and I didn’t mage to fully complete my vision. I found it challenging to draft and prioritize tasks that will deliver a version that will be the stepping stone for further progress with the time left.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I’m very happy that I managed my time and resources carefully with a clear vision of the important milestones. Also, I didn’t crumble under the pressure and managed to stay motivated and push through.

What I learned

I learned a bunch of new technologies, how to be productive under pressure and manage my time efficiently.

What's next for Viewercraft

  • Finish the Minecraft mod that will sync and spawn community worlds.
  • Make the world isometric instead of top-down so that it has depth.
  • Introduce community challenges and goals
  • Implement features with Bits, for example:
    • Contribute to increase the world size
    • Reserve areas for future building
    • Boost resource gathering
    • Craft mystery viewer items
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