What it does

You can find the app here: https://www.viewer-games.com/

The broadcaster tool helps the streamer to create an even more immersive viewer experience. We all know the idea of sub games, but so far there's no equivalent for normal viewers. Using rewards might be a way to introduce such events for loyal viewers:

  1. Streamer announces an event for loyal viewers - in this case, let's go with a "League Of Legends" viewer game
  2. Quickly creates a reward using the application's dashboard, streamer can state a prompt telling the user the lobby password or/and ask for the ingame name after redemption. Additionally the streamer can state the maximum available places (4 for the League Of Legends game).
  3. After creation the user has an overview of all rewards. He's also able to delete single rewards.

How I built it

  • Next.js
  • Node.js
  • TypeScript
  • Styled Components
  • Vercel
  • GitHub

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Lighthouse report ;)
  • Authentication flow
  • Simplicity enables broadcaster to easily organize such events during stream

What's next

  • If demanded, the application could be expanded to any type of reward creation, not only viewer games.
  • Additionally there is still some testing necessary using an affiliate account. Since I haven't had access to an account having the access to channel points, I haven't been able to test the application 100%.
  • More information on landing page
  • New, more suitable domain

Built With

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