The original idea came when I strolled through Vienna and thought about Pokemon GO. I wanted to create a riddle based mystery game so I brainstormed about possibilities to create this game easily. I was familiar with the Twine storytelling tool so I decided to use it to write the story. Stumbling upon the Sumerian Hackathon I decided to submit a small demo to experiment with AR in Sumerian.

What it does

It displays a Twine story on a monitor next to a Sumerian Host. The host reads the story with dynamic text-to-speech (speechgen). With a finger tap you can progress the story. In the story, there are multiple characters talking - all represented by the according host. By using geofencing via GPS the story is localized in different parts of Vienna. The idea is to walk around and solve the mystery at historic places. Hosts are displayed using Augmented Reality and they are driving the story forward.

How I built it

The story is written in Twine ( For dynamic text-to-speech i used speechgen ( For the geofencing part I am using 'geolocation.watchPosition', the GPS positions are taken from the Twine passages themselves.

Challenges I ran into

The scope was much bigger than I expected, that's why the submission is not really polished very well. The core functionality is there but the story is not complete and the AR experience is sub-par.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Robust text-to-speech engine for Twine. This alone would be a nice feature to add to any existing Twine story. Also the geofencing capabilities are cool!

What I learned

Working with AR in Sumerian. Geolocation in Javascript. Watching DOM changes and reacting to them.

What's next for Vienna Mystery

If I have time maybe I can continue working on it.

Built With

  • 8th-wall
  • cognito
  • lex
  • speechgen
  • sumerian
  • twine
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