Motivations for the Project

Many neurological diseases can be treated if they are identifed early on - but a lack of awareness causes many of these diseases to go unrecognized for longer periods of time. We want to lower the barriers to getting answers - hopefully a ChatBot like the one we are building will be allow users to decide whether or not their condition is serious enough to warrant seeing a doctor.

Project Description

We are training Watson to recognize the symptoms of various neurological diseases. Users will interact with our web app in a chatbot interface, describing their symptoms in natural language, and Watson will be able to suggest with % certainty what they might be afflicted with. We will train Watson on these types of neurological diseases using freely available research articles and journals (unstructured data).

Given the complex nature of this project and the numerous tools that we need to complete it, we will start with just a single disease and build the application up from there.

Watson Tools and Technologies Used

Retrive and Rank

Document Conversion


Text to Speech


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