In this pandemic situation, we have all realized how important online education has become. Millions of students worldwide don't have any means of internet connection leading to hampered studies. The government of various countries have come forward with the initiative of providing them lectures through television and radio and there is still no alternative for them to be assessed by their teachers easily.

What it does

Vidya is a platform for teachers where they can upload questionnaires which can be displayed using television. The student can further answer their tests without using any internet by simply sending SMS through their cell phones or even with landlines. We are forming this connection between the teachers and students to conduct online assessments easily.

How we built it

The server sending and receiving SMS uses Twilio API. As soon as the test starts the messages are sent to the registered mobile numbers. Then this registers students to participate in a quiz and communicates with the PHP server to store responses and participants in the MySQL database. Moreover we have built the web app using html , css and javascript. This is the portal to which teachers will have access to create questionnaires, start the questionnaire and see the results of these.

Challenges we ran into

It was very challenging to work with something like Twilio. Coordinating online is also a major challenge we faced in making of this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud of what we have made as an output. It would be very honourable in our part to be able to help the whole global society by helping in educating children.

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