The world is seeing an increased push towards online and digital formats of working, learning, communication, and information sharing. The sudden move to online conferencing has produced a lag between information that needs to be shared via online medium vs the information that can be readily shared via online medium. VideoWiki was conceptualized to assist that need; to enable rapid Creation, Modification, Protection, and Monetization of Immersive Content as an Open, Collaboratory Content Editing Platform.

What it does

Videowiki is an open content editing Platform integrated with Webex Bot that creates videos contextually out of your conversations. A VideoWiki bot helps participants to record videos and post-produce to enhance quality and maintain better retention of key information. It is a tool for professionals/educators/creators to convert any form of content (text, ppt, doc, mp4) to video-based immersive content.

• Your uploaded 'Streams' can be post-produced to clean up the video by splitting it into scenes that can be modified and post-produced.
• Any uploaded PowerPoint can be directly used to create a video
• Any text selection given to the bot can be converted into a video
• Any Weblink/blog post or document can be converted into a video

How we built it

We built an editor to assist in creating immersive content generation using AI without advanced tool or tech knowledge
Collaborative Authoring of content with Distributed Ownership and Share of Credit (and Financial Remuneration if chosen)

How we integrated in Webex

Our integration comprises of the following:
• Any uploaded PowerPoint or recorded session can be directly used to create the video.
• A Videowiki Bot; that gives a tour and guides on how to create video-based content from texts or presentations.
• Using commands, one can interact with the bot in Webex space or 1:1 chat
• 'Tabs' to view already created content and create new videos.

What's next for VideoWiki

In our upcoming roadmap we target:
• Collaborative video-based content creation.
• Complete decentralized storage and management of the video content
• A subscription-based cashflow using Stripe and Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies

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