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  • Project Summary
    • What it does
    • Inspiration
  • About Plugin
    • What is it - A teams plugin, in the Microsoft Apps market place
    • Solution - How we built it
    • Prototype & Technology - Rapidly developed, working, and ready for use.
    • Technology - How it works
    • Integration - How we integrated in TEAMS
  • About Impact
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    • Creator Experience
    • Mission and Guidelines
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  • About Us

Project Summary

Videowiki is an open content editing platform that powers the creation and monetization of content while encouraging collaborative authoring while prioritizing and protecting IP distribution. With an "MS Teams" integration, the tool assists educators to impart, record, and retain information that is post-produced with AI. It benefits the creators and educators while they are transitioning to online mediums of teaching, by providing a more immersive learning experience for their learners.

What it does Videowiki is an open content editing plugin to MS Teams that create videos contextually out of your conversations. A Teams integration helps participants to record videos and post-produce to enhance quality and maintain better retention of key information. It is a tool for professionals/educators/creators to convert any form of content (text, ppt, doc) to video-based immersive content.

  • Your recorded 'Streams' can be post-produced to clean up the video by splitting it into scenes that can be modified and post-produced.
  • Any uploaded PowerPoint can be directly used to create a video
  • Any text selection from the chat can be converted to video
  • Any Weblink/blog post or document can be converted to video


  • Using the message extension one can jump to our video creation platform
  • Using commands, one can jump to the creation platform
  • 'Tabs' to view already created content and create new videos

Inspiration The world is seeing an increased push towards online and digital formats of working, learning, communication, and information sharing. The sudden move to online conferencing has produced a lag between information that needs to be shared via online medium vs the information that can be readily shared via online medium. VideoWiki was conceptualized to assist that need; to enable rapid Creation, Modification, Protection, and Monetization of Immersive Content as an Open, Collaboratory Content Editing Platform.

About the Plugin

Teams Plugin VideoWiki, now as a teams plugin, in the Microsoft Apps marketplace, helps users to:

  1. Possibility to convert any shared media format (text, ppt, doc, weblink) into an immersive video
  2. Save and post-produce recorded meeting streams to make better video logs
  3. Create video notes, minutes of meetings, and track-record of important information with editor features like trim, split, switch, etc.
  4. Collaborate on video by forking the videos to add your own input, revisit and review to keep information up-to-date. All without re-doing the whole video or knowledge of complicated video editing software.

How we built it

  • We built an editor to assist in creating immersive content generation using AI without advanced tool or tech knowledge
  • Collaborative Authoring of content with Distributed Ownership and Share of Credit (and Financial Remuneration if chosen)

How it works VideoWiki uses AI-based text classification methods, we can identify the context of the content and make queries to public video media libraries using APIs. These can be given back to the teachers as an assisted course creation tool to develop interactive digital media.

  • The AI uses 'sentence detection' algorithms to break the content into scenes or Short or Long intervals (As selected by the creator), the grammar and punctuation are checked by another AI process similar to the common spell-checker.
  • Then another AI algorithm detects the important keywords from each scene. This tagging helps in identifying the context of the sentence/scene might be.
  • Then we use the open media libraries to check stock videos around those tags and fetch the relevant clips to present back to the teacher to pick. (Until here, the only part the teacher/creator has done is paste the required content, the rest all is done automatically.)
  • Now the creator can review the suggested scene sequence, the overlaying text and if everything is correct with prediction, then go ahead and stick the videos together preview and publish.
  • If the teacher wants to add narration, or change text, or change video scenes, he would be able to do that and customize the course.

How we integrated in TEAMS Our integration comprises of the following:

  • Using the message extension one can jump to our video creation platform.
  • Any uploaded PowerPoint or recorded session can be directly used to create the video.
  • A Videowiki Bot; that gives a tour and guides on how to create video-based content from texts or presentations.
  • Using commands, one can jump to the creation platform
  • 'Tabs' to view already created content and create new videos.


** What's next for VideoWiki** In our upcoming roadmap we target:

  • Collaborative video-based content creation.
  • Complete decentralized storage and management of the video content
  • A subscription-based cashflow using Stripe and Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies

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