A collaborative platform for learners and educators to secure learning continuity in times of restrictions and beyond.

Table of Contents

  • About Project
    • Problem - How do we ensure learning continuity?
    • Solution - Online and immersive digitalization of Content, Curriculum, Coaching, and Classroom.
    • Prototype & Technology - Rapidly developed, working, and ready for use.
    • Vision - Project goals and alignment with the SDGs
    • Strategy - Steps to build a sustainable and scalable business
  • About Market
    • Market Size - Size of impact and response
    • Market Shift - Traditional to Transformed Education
  • About Impact
    • Next steps
  • About Us
    • Team & Contacts
    • Acknowledgements

About Project

Anytime, Anywhere Learning. Because #LearningNeverStops


Innovation in the field of education seems to be lagging behind In a fast-changing digital environment with many disruptions and distractions. Technology has enabled us to break from a centuries-old model of blackboard training and the pandemic has moved us online. People have moved almost instantly online for imparting education, however, the transformation and creation of content for digital channels is the biggest challenge of the industry now. Because online digital mediums are heavily centralized, education has various different meanings in different government rules and the world of knowledge is bifurcated with censorship, control, and fabricated (fake) information. This is the problem of a lack of trusted authorship.


Ensuring learning continuity with VideoWiki So how do we ensure learning continuity?

Description of the project: 

-- VideoWiki is a platform for publishing video content that can be automatically generated using AI, from text-based content. We aim to be a fully decentralized and censorship-resistant video publishing platform. An Open, Collaboratory Content Editing Platform that enables rapid Creation, Modification, Protection, and Monetization of Immersive Content.  -- As a Technology (Utility Token) it can enable use-cases of education, corporate L&D, training, news and journalism, marketing, research, science, and more. It is purposefully built with the aim of decentralization for transparent assignment and share of ownership between collaborators.

Vision: The problem we are solving

In recent days we have seen the rise of various online platforms for online teaching and conferencing with online teaching sessions, however, there is little done towards creating/converting/publishing educational content for the online distribution and immersive learning. Even the existing content platforms have the following issues: - They are centralized and heavily censored - There is no scope of more than one author/creator/teacher contributing to the same content - Once published, it’s difficult to modify the content or publish new versions of it as the subject/technology develops - Often creator has to master skills like video editing to make the visual content engaging and immersive

Vision To ensure learning continuity for all. Standardized education and access to all with equal opportunities to educational processes.

  • Content
  • Curriculums
  • Coaching
  • Classroom

        - [x] This project aims in solving all of these issues by creating a platform where engaging video content is created using AI and a versioning system is maintained using blockchain.
        - [x] The videos are published on our website (our fork of OCEAN MarketPlace)

Work completed so far

        - [x] The AI assisted content creation module is created.
        - [x] A fully functional Text to Video converter with auto-script (scenes) creation and video footage suggestions
        - [x] Blockchain Version control framework strategized
        - [x] Video Classroom are live and operational in MVP

Prototype & Technology: Rapidly developed, working, and ready for use.

Mockup Gif

Goals: Project goals and alignment with the SDGs

The importance of education is highlighted in SDG 4 (“Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”). This goal encompasses various dimensions that are critical to supporting young workers’ transition into the labor market and career progression.

Target 4.3:By 2030, ensure equal access for all women and men to affordable quality technical, vocational and tertiary education, including university.

Target 4.4:By 2030, substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.

Future project roadmap

    ○ Video Editor 
        § Single teacher use cases
        § Class records and single-user edits
        § Publishing and Curriculums
    ○ Collaboration and re-edits Jan 2021
    ○ Classroom records and edits Feb 2021
    ○ Blockchain Testnet - June 2021
        § Wallet Issuance and Teaching Credits
        § Version control released for test-net

Market Shift: Traditional to Transformed Education

Digital shift with Old vs New Pardigms

About Impact

Learner Experience & Teacher Experience Learning Goals

Mission and Guidelines Mission and Guidelines

Next Steps Even after the crisis, the solution will be a DIY help to teachers to automatically convert their lectures and notes to digital content with simple tools and minimum tech knowledge. An immersive approach for all regardless of their income level, technology level, or age.

  • Immersive and applied training is a new concept that will attract students to gain knowledge.
  • A plug-n-play integration with universities with easy adoption.
  • Digital content generation can also be expanded to other applications like memos, university announcements, news, etc.
  • Teachers are technically challenged and cannot generate their own digital content.
  • The tool is extremely simple and has been curated by keeping customer satisfaction, ease of use as major priorities.
  • We have hosted a mock prototype on http://videowiki.pt/, in this link the working is explained in the video.


Natalia Rheskava • Role: Co-Founder/CIO • Relevant Credentials: ○ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nataliia-rzhevska-486a791a8/ • Background: ○ PhD, Grygoriy Scovoroda University in Pereiaslav ○ Media Relations & International Medical Community (IMC) Lead ○ HundrED Ambassador ○ World Economic Forum Digital Member

Shivam Dhawan • Role: Co-Founder/CTO • Relevant Credentials: ○ LinedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shivamdhawan/ • Background: ○ Founder @GetBoarded ○ Founder Chief Strategist @Arbunize ○ Web Analytics Manager @Metriplica ○ BI Team Lead @Annalect ○ Business Systems Analyst @MetLife ○ Web Analytics Application Developer & Consultant @CTS Argentina SRL

Puneet Gupta: • Role: AI | Backend Developer • Relevant Credentials: ○ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/puneet-gupta-5415a4153/ ○ Github: https://github.com/SabiNinza ○ GetBoarded: https://ci.getboarded.tech/en/e/puneet-gupta-1605745717-5127 • Background: ○ AI and Django Developer @Arbunize ○ Summer Intern and Campus Ambassador @Coding Blocks

Chinmay Jain • Role: Frontend Developer • Relevant Credentials: ○ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chinmay-jain-3b499a181/ ○ Github: https://github.com/chinmay81098 ○ GetBoarded: https://ci.getboarded.tech/en/cv/Chinmay-Jain-1605840708-5130 • Background: ○ Software Developer @Conic Skill ○ Frontend  Developer @TDG Labs ○ Intern @NTPC Limited

Bhaskar Dutta • Role: Blockchain Developer • Relevant Credentials: ○ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bhaskar-dutta-6b23b616a/ ○ Github: https://github.com/BhaskarDutta2209 ○ GetBoarded: https://ci.getboarded.tech/en/e/Bhaskar-Dutta-1599901871-4539 • Background: Blockchain Developer @FixNIx

Jyoti Sing • Role: User Experience Designer • Relevant Credentials: ○ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jyotising/ ○ Github: https://github.com/jyotising • Background:User Interface Designer

Built With

  • ai
  • ai-model-using-python-&-django-front-end-using-vue-stack-ethereum-as-public-blockchain-network-javascript-libraries-of-daostack-and-ocean-protocol-code-versioning-control-gitlab-code-editor-visual-studio
  • dao
  • djang
  • django
  • ethereum
  • git
  • gitlab
  • javascript
  • ocean
  • pycharm
  • python
  • solidity
  • vue
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