We wanted to build something that gives you some insight on what you watch daily. What you watch daily can actually affect what you think, what you eat, how you feel, etc. Over the last few weeks while commuting to work, I realised most people consume lots of video content. We decided that this is a space that can be targetted and can potentially gives lots

What it does

Our app is a more fun version of what it can potentially become in the future. What it does: It tracks every single video you watch (on Youtube) and uses the Azure Cognitive Services

How we built it

We learned how all of these technologies works, and we met up every evening for one month to plan our project and implement it step by step, by running tests regularly.

Challenges we ran into

We had never built a chrome extension. We had never written up a server. We weren't sure how a chrome extension could speak to a server running locally. We kept reading and experimenting and we finally did it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The challenges we had were quite hard to overcome but we were passionate about getting this fun little project to work and we're proud we finished what we planned, on time.

What we learned

We learned version control, server side stuff, REST routing, chrome extensions,became better front-end designers and had fun through it all.

What's next for VideoStalker

The future is bright for this stalking bot. It can potentially give you more accurate information and combine your results from various platforms - Netflix, Spotify (by using an analysing the music a user listens to), Youtube, and Facebook and gives extremely insightful reports on a regular basis. It can also give some health tips based on the users behaviours.

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