DreamBox Allows you to create an interactive Dream in a box, Add media to the cube and share it with your friends!

What the app does

  • DreamBox allows you to pull media from the web, simply use a URL and add it to your Box
  • DreamBox can also record live videos using the Ziggeo API, simply click the record button and away you go :)
  • Once your DreamBox is full you can share it with all your friends! click the share button, grab the URL and Paste away!!!!
  • If you don't wanna work that hard, random DreamBox button for a random cube!

Technologies and tools used

  • FireBase: We are using the Firebase API to store, load, and share DreamBoxes across the Web.
  • Embedly: The Embedly API allows us to quicly add many different types of media to our DreamBox.
  • Ziggeo: The Ziggeo API connects to your computers camera so that you can add your own video to the DreamBox.
  • JWPlayer: The JwPlayer is what Controls most of the Media, creating the Player that houses all of the different types of Media.

Team Members

Michael Angelo

Xiran Ou

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