Problem: It's a HUGE HASSLE to keep rewinding a video (using your hands) when learning. e.g. learning songs on the guitar, dance moves, cooking, etc. :(

The Dream: There should be a hands-free way to rewind videos, someone save us!

What it does

Achieves the dream of using your voice to navigate around a video such as going forward, backward, starting, pausing, yay! ^_^

How I built it

Google Products:

  • Google Assistant (Integration with Google Homes or Google Assistant on your phone)
  • DialogFlow (Framework to handle speech intent, slot filling, fulfilment, and all the conversational flow)
  • Cloud Functions (Fulfilment endpoint for DialogFlow to push to)
  • Pubsub (Event-bus to handling streaming commands at scale)
    • Cloud Functions are publishers
    • Mobile Clients are subscribers
  • Flutter (Framework for creating apps on iOS and Android phones and tablets)
    • Text-to-Speech (text processor for input from microphone)
    • Google Cloud (publisher for Google Pubsub)
    • Youtube API (video player on mobile app)

Other Products:

  • ❤️ from Nick!

Challenges I ran into

  • Terrible Latency for Google Assistant to Pubsub (over 4 seconds for a simple word)
    • Unacceptable for real world use case UX wise :( ...
  • No streaming text-to-speech interfaces for mobile
  • Google Home Mini struggling to connect to nwhacks WiFi network T_T

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Videogator

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