Do you have boxes of videos and never watch them?
Do you have a simple organized process to share your videos with family and friends?
We have so many videos, but we do not watch them because it is not convenient.

We have dreamed for years about having a simple way to organize, privately share and watch the videos we have recorded over our lifetime. But, sadly the technology just has not been there.

Until now ….

What it does

The Video TV app allows you to watch your videos on-demand using AT&T TV.

The Video web app provides the ability to

  • upload your .mp4 videos
  • organize your videos
  • private is the default for all videos so you have complete control over who sees your video
  • share a video with the person or a group of people of your choice or share it with the world by making it public

Now you can entertain yourself, your family and friends by uploading, organizing and sharing your videos with Video TV and watch your videos on AT&T TV using the Video TV Android TV app.

How I built it

Used the following frameworks to build our app Java, Android Leanback, Mysql, Angular, Bootstrap, AJax, Javascript, HTML, Tomcat, Android Studio

Challenges I ran into

Learning the Android Leanback Framework.
Time is always a challenge, the frontend still needs work and backend needs enhancements.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Discovered a new technology and learned the Android TV API. Developed the Android TV app and have a working app. All of this was completed in about 10 days and with only 1 developer.

1 developer took on the challenge to learn new technologies and step out of his comfort zone.

Thank you AT&T Next Gen TV for providing a means for us to push ourselves to the limits and encourage us to develop a new product!

What I learned

Android TV was a totally new concept for us. We had not used the technology before nor programmed to it until this Hackathon. With AT&T TV and the Android TV app technology, we now have devised a way to organize, watch, share and enjoy all of the videos we have recorded throughout our lifetime. We are so excited about this app and solving a problem we have battled with for years! While searching our digital videos to use in our demo, we can’t wait to start sharing our videos with our family and friends! (We even converted photos from 1 trip into a video for the demo because we also have tons of photos that are rarely seen.) AT&T TV provides the technology for us to easily view our media!

What's next for Video TV

Apply finishing touches to our app and web app. Launch the Video TV web app and publish Video TV app in the Google Play Store. Continue to enhance the app and add features!

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