Video Battle

Bringing the brackets craze to video! Video Battle is a fun way to use new or existing video to battle your friends and fellow webizens.


The brackets you see in sports. We wanted to encourage engagement through 'gamification' of video!

What Can I Do with Video Battle?

  • Create video battles
  • Video submission through Ziggeo or Youtube
  • Watch videos w/ and Ziggeo

Yet To Come

  • Integrate the Vine API (constructed but not incorporated to client-side) - Add videos from Vine
  • Voting - Choose your favorites until a winner is crowned!
  • Larger submission pools
  • Multiple battle types
    • Open Submission: Submit videos into battle slots, then vote
    • Closed Submission: Right to the voting! Videos selected by the Battle Creator

Team Fun Facts

  • We're a bunch of co-workers from Waywire!
  • 2 GA WDI Alums: Nessa Nguyen (NYC) and Sarah Mele (Boston)
  • International: Gabe Vieira is Brazilian and Nessa is Vietnamese
  • Multi-talented: Michael Angelo & Sarah both sing opera and Nessa is an amazing hip-hop dancer
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