How to encourage creators to make better content? How to mine liquidity by watching and voting?

I asked myself these questions when I was thinking about what product could improve the current Theta ecosystem. I explored more and came up with an idea of how I can utilize Theta Video API to find solutions to these problems. This project is a new fresh look at video-sharing platforms.

What it does

Content creators can add their videos to the system by paying a small fee. These fees are collected and later given as a reward to voters and the creator of the best video.

The platform is based on a season system. Each season lasts 7 days. During each season users can vote for the best video and creators can add their content to the platform. When the season ends, the winner is picked and users are able to withdraw their locked funds. It also allows users to collect their rewards for participating in the voting stage.

Users can watch videos from the past season as well as withdraw funds from these seasons.

How we built it

  • It uses Theta Video API to fetch and display videos in a decentralized manner.
  • Its core logic is based on EVM-based smart contracts.
  • Frontend is created using React with Typescript to make a code more readable and easier to understand for new developers.

What we learned

How to use Theta Video API. and how to utilize it to watch and display videos in a decentralized network.

What's next for Video valley

If I get to win the hackathon I want to further develop this project and add a lot of new features to this platform. Theta creators will be able to use this platform to grow their communities and get global recognition.

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