We aimed to make watching videos a more convenient experience and help students catching up on missed lectures succeed in their classes.

What it does

Processes a media file and skips the video forward if it detects pauses during videos.

How we built it

Python, collaboration through GitHub

Challenges we ran into

Our team had little experience working with Python and GitHub, so this project required a lot of reading into documentation and experimentation. A lot of crashes were encountered but it showed us what worked and what doesn't. We segmented our tasks within our team but making them compatible with each other was a learning experience. We learned more about collaboration and version control software through this project and ultimately were able to create this product through GitHub.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to flesh out the main goal of this project was a gratifying experience. We also obtained more knowledge about program creation in Python which was one of the things we wanted to achieve from this hackathon. Even better, we were able to make a functioning prototype of our idea!

What I learned

We learned more about Python and different libraries available such as PyQt and numpy.

What's next for SkipPlayer

We want to be able to release a prototype that works on different machines. For now, we have only tested it on Windows systems because our team did not have access to Mac or Linux machines. In addition, we want to add other features that will enhance the user experience including but not limited to getting videos from websites instead of requiring local files.

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