The fun art of creating videos slideshows, most of the time requires the tedious task of looking for images and narrating the text when necessary.

We've been inspired by the carykh Automatically making YouTube videos with Google Images

What it does

This is a web app on which you paste the text , you can summarize if you want to. The app will search for Bing images, and join them. It will create text for narration with the Text to Speech API on Azure Cognitive Services.

How we built it

Develop a python web page to capture the text to work with. Process the text with nltk and pysummarize. Look for images with the Bing API Create slides with the collage maker repo Join the audio and slides with ffmpeg

Generate the audio with the Text to Speech Azure API

Challenges we ran into

I was planning on submitting with friends help, but he could not help me, so I had to do all the work myself :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing on time!

What we learned

More tools on Azure Cognitive Services

What's next for Video Generator

Much improvement on the NLP side is needed. We can also improve the slides generation.

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