A dynamic microsite with video content using a few simple HubSpot CMS tools

We collaborated with our client to bring a creative idea to life by creating a custom designed interactive microsite with video content similar to a streaming video service, highlighting the different academic tracks that would engage prospective students. The goal of the microsite is to convert accepted students to enrolled students with a fun, interactive area where they could build excitement toward taking the final step toward enrolling.

Using the HubSpot CMS we built a custom theme and custom video and design modules, plus the HubDB to deliver a microsite that features category carousels, hover-over effects and optimized speed for effective delivery of videos to the user. The enrollment marketing team were able to build effective campaigns around the video microsite and track the calls to action to see increased enrollment conversion goals being met.

Everytime we have a project with multiple entries of content, similar to a blog, we face decisions on which of the HubSpot tools to harness to build and store that content. We are learning better and better everytime when to choose the HubDB and when to chose something like the blog tool.

In this case, the HubDB was the obvious choice so that we could have a lot of versatility in displaying the content on the front end, as well as making the content easy to build on for the marketing team. With the database, they can easily add, substract and edit the content, as well as quickly choose featured content to display on the microsite.

Additionally, the marketing team can easily adjust the layout of the content on the microsite using custom modules that are tied to the HubDB fields.

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