Inspiration -- during the covid pandemic every student has to face the online scenario (online class , online meets etc) we were able to see many roasting / comedy videos of online classes (some intruder joined the class with link and making fun)

What it does so basically its a online video chat box like other available in market such as google meet , Zoom , Teams and many more but with a extra benefit and more security "FACIAL RECOGNITION"

To join the meet we need to pass some parameter such as facial recognition the person with the facial data in database will only be able to access the meet , class , or group chats.

How we built it using some basic technology common now days such as PYTHON , SQL , DJANGO , WEBRTC.

Challenges we ran into as I am not as much aware of the language python so first I need to learn the syntax of the language

Accomplishments that we're proud of I was proud of that I was able to think for this idea , and make the project (not fully made but researched a lot for this project)

What we learned PYTHON , SQL , WEBRTC.

What's next for VIDEO CHAT-BOX just now the code is not yet ready I will write the code and want to test the project.

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