My inspiration was to build a social(entertainment) but still a fully healthwise application also, combining both ideas gave rise to the project.

What it does

*Interacts with the user using speech synthesis about health and the COVID19 virus, *Runs Covid19 Digital Test based on signs and symptoms discovered by the World health organization *Searches the Web for the user via Speech Recognition

How I built it

I used Web speech API, ResponsiveText API, HTML, Javascript, and CSS

Challenges I ran into

Finding a suitable and efficient API for Speech Recognition for the Web Application which is free was impossible

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did it all by myself in just 3 days because I heard about the #buildforcovid19 hackathon on the 27th-march and start thinking of what to do which I started the project on 28th-march

What I learned

I am majorly a backend developer working mostly with PHP, building this project made me acquired and learnt new things in javascript.

What's next for VidEnt19

I will Develop more, I have some really cool and fantastic idea, I plan on building it to a fully functional social health web application

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