Newest accessibility features of iOS 13 permit brand new functions. Facial recognition can be utilized to the fullest advantage in situations where a person wants to quickly initiate a call or do hands-free mode.

What it does

Recognizes your face and tracks your eye movement so you can control an Agora Video Call with your gaze.

How I built it

Xcode 11 beta 3 and iOS beta 3 installed on iPhone X devices.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating ARkit with Agora Video Call SDK

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully merged the features to make it possible to control the Agora Video Call with a gaze. Hover over the buttons to make a selection

What I learned

There is a competitor app called Be My Eyes that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers and company representatives for visual assistance through a live video call.

What's next for VideEyeCall

Built With

  • agora
  • arkit
  • eye-tracking
  • ios
  • ios-13
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