Search engines are getting smarter and they show us what we want to see. Therefore, sometimes, we don't see what the general public really are saying.

What it does

This hack helps people visualize the sentiments toward topics, events, and products based on geolocation, so the opinion of the public won't be filtered out by the search engines. For example, for a new product in the market, people might not write a review for it, but they might post on social media about it (especially when they hate it...), so for the company, it would seem reasonable to improve on these specific issues. And if a particular area of people is unsatisfied with the company/product, marketing can always head over and do their job to bump up the reputation.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Sentiments analysis is hard when it comes to different categories of emotions instead of just a scale from negative to positive.
  2. Visualizing emotions made it challenging for designing (and fronted).
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